We have 3 separate ranges to ensure that you find a cake that is suitably priced for your occasion, please have a look at examples below however do get in contact for a specific quote, we will happily complete detailed quotes of your desired cake in a number of ranges giving you a full understanding of what each price will include.

Please note that cakes are categorised into the below ranges based on detail/modelling involved rather than number of tiers and therefore any number of tiers can be requested in any of the ranges.

Celebration Range

Capturing the desired theme for your occasion, this range includes Covered board and Ribbons as well as wording such as name and age and decorative details i.e. Sprinkles, Piping, Simple drip effect, Giant cupcakes, edible images, and small modelled pieces such as 1  or 2 flowers or a small number of pressed details such bows etc. 

Single 6" - £40

Singe tier 8"  - £45 ( Most Popular choice)

Single 10" - £50

2 Tier - 8" + 4" - £65( Most popular choice) 

2 Tier - 10" + 6" - £75 

Deluxe Range

Same as the above, with additional modelled pieces and additional detail on the cake or drum itself. Any chocolate brands such as Galaxy chocolate cake. Fully covered ruffles cakes.

Single 6" - £45

Singe tier 8"  - £50 ( Most Popular choice)

Single 10" - £55

2 Tier - 8" + 5" - £75( Most popular choice) 

2 Tier - 10" + 8" - £85 

Diamond Range 

Wedding and sculpted cakes will be priced individually based on a number of different aspects such as detail, requested ingredients, foliage/flowers, delivery and set up costs. Wedding cakes start from £180 whilst Sculpted cakes (including handbag themes) start from £55 for a single tier sculpted cake. 

Please ask about delivery pricing if required.